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The Ducqworks Computer Services Organization was conceived in 2005 as a viable response to the rapidly changing needs of owners and users of Windows-based personal computers. As Windows-based personal computers have evolved, their hardware, operational software, the applications they are capable of running and their tasking, have become progressively more complex. This, in turn, has placed an ever-increasing burden on personal computer service organizations to develop servicing modalities more compatible with these trends.

Over the last ten years, computer manufacturers have placed greater emphasis on developing systems that have fewer and fewer moving parts. As a result, computer hardware has become more stable and thus more reliable. During this very same period however, as the internet use has expanded, computer software, although more useful, has become more vulnerable to outside threats. Viruses, spyware and other malware can render even the most robust computer system utterly useless. More importantly, these threats routinely mimic hardware failures.

In view of these and other trends, computer service organizations, in order to remain relevant, must develop modes of service which place less emphasis on hardware repair and greater emphasis on software servicing, maintenance, security, information and training.

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